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Our experience will help you determine which package is best for you based on the information you give us in your initial enquiry - it includes everything you need to enjoy your evening without needing to worry about anything other than having a great night!!

£295 Package 

  • Led Lit DJ Booth with 2 Booth Mounted Fixtures
  • Led Lit Podiums plus 2  & Two Moving Head Fixtures

Set up time is 60mins

£395 Package

  • Led Lit DJ Booth with 4/5 Led Lit Podiums &  Four Moving Heads Fixtures
  • or Led  Lit DJ Booth  a 3 to 4 m Span Truss Systems With Four  Moving Head Fixtures

 Set Up Time 2 Hours

£595 Package 

  • 4m Video Wall To Display Photos Or Music Videos
  •  Led Lit DJ Booth 2 Booth Mounted Fixtures 
  • 2 Led Lit Podiums plus 2 Moving Head Fixtures

 Set up time 3 hours

                                                                       The Ultimate Package £1195

  • 4M Video Wall To Display Photos Or Music Videos 
  •  Led Lit DJ Booth Plus 2 Booth Mounted Fixtures

  • 2 Led Lit Podiums & two Moving Head Fixtures  

  • 4Ft Led Multi Coloured Love Letters
  • 3 Hours Of Paparazzi Photography with Free Access to Download From Website