Just A Quick Update Regarding Cov​id-1​9

During this difficult and strange time we are all uncertain as to how our future events are going to go. 

I wish to ensure all my current and future customers that I will do my best to accommodate any changes that occur due to government guidelines. This will include where possible re booking you on a new date if you have to reschedule your event. ( Unfortunately I can only offer this service when your new date is one I have available and can only offer this service of rescheduling once per event due to my work schedule filling up quickly)

Also again to ensure that future events I have booked in I will continue to social distance where possible at events to prevent any unnecessary contact with guests.  As a gesture to all future clients I have taken the time to print guest request slips that can be filled in and left in an area near the DJ.. 

Also during this time I will not be meeting clients face to face before the event as I have previously. This again is a precaution on my behalff. I will of course be more than happy to chat with you via phone, text, or video call.